Bike Repair Help

As a nonprofit bike shop, our bike stands and tools are free to use any time we are open. Shop staff or experienced volunteers can provide a few minutes of hands-on help and advice on your bike repair or project any day we are open.

New or used parts cost money (or ask about Work for Wheels program to trade volunteer time).

Learn to fix your own flat tires

We offer our free Fix A Flat Tire classes on the second Sunday of each month, and occasionally other times. A $10 donation is suggested. Advanced registration is encouraged.

Affordable bike repairs

We offer basic bike repairs like fixing flats or adjusting brakes for a small fee on the spot. If you want us to do a tuneup or larger repair, expect to leave your bike with us for at least a week.

We will provide an estimate on the cost of the repair, and call you when we are done.

Bikes left longer than 30 days after completion will be considered a donation to Sharing Wheels.

E-Bike repairs

E-bike flat repair costs $20 and up, depending on the wheel and the difficulty of the flat repair.

For other repairs, we refer e-bike owners to a shop that regularly works on and sells e-Bikes. We don’t.

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