Bike Shop

Community Bike Shop

The tools and bike stands at Sharing Wheels are available for anyone to use during shop hours – no charge.

Fix your own flat, adjust your gears, buy new brake pads from us and install them yourself. Low-income people, DIY-tinkerers, and basic bike geeks all benefit from our open community bike shop policy.

Volunteers help run our community shop.

Used Bike Sales

People donate bikes to us, we refurbish them (or sell as-is for your to fix), you get a great deal on a quality used bike. See the types of bikes we have on our Used Bikes page.

New & Used Bike Parts

Do you have an older bike and want parts to match? Are you creating your own fixed gear, “Franken-bike'” or chopper tricycle?

We sell fully-functional used bike parts such as wheels, cranks, derailleurs, brake parts and bolts galore. We also have accessories such as fenders, bike bags, bike racks, and car racks. 

To help with your bike repairs, we sell new parts such as cables, bike chains, tubes and brake pads. Parts are priced based on quality and condition. Come look through our bins to find just what you need.

Bike Repairs

Our professional bike mechanics and qualified volunteers can give your bike a minor tune-up, replace broken parts, fix flats, etc. Bring your bike in for a free estimate.