Special Programs

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Discount Bikes & Parts

The last Friday of every month, save 30% on used parts, select bikes and donated accessories. Sale is on during regular shop hours, 1 to 5 p.m. the final Friday only.

Volunteers with at least 10 hours in a month also qualify for a discount. Ask us about it next time you’re helping in the shop.

Discounts cannot be combined – only one discount per sale.

Work for Wheels

Work for Wheels allows people to volunteer time at the shop in exchange for credit towards a refurbished bike (or major bike part purchase). Once enrolled in the program, your time is valued at $13.50 per hour. You can use up to $250 of Work for Wheels credit towards a bike purchase – by working 19 hours within a 3 month period.

The program is open to all, but we ask for optional employment and income information to compile general data on our customers. You can only earn one bike per year (12 months).

Work tasks range from sweeping the shop, sorting parts, basic bike repairs (depending on your skills) or helping around the shop.

Dark Nights, Bright Lights

It’s illegal to ride a bike at night without a front headlight and rear reflector. We also recommend a red rear light. If you can’t afford your own set of bike lights to keep you safe and legal, you may qualify for a free set of bike lights.

Village Bicycle Project

Several times a year Sharing Wheels donates surplus bicycles to the Village Bike Project, which sends mountain bikes to Africa. Some bikes that would never sell here or take too much work to fix still have value as transportation in other countries.