Work for Wheels

Affordable bike parts and repairs for low income people

Work for Wheels allows people to volunteer time at the shop in exchange for credit towards labor on bike repairs, used parts or accessories (up to $250). Program is intended for low/no income individuals who cannot otherwise afford to purchase repairs, parts, or a bicycle without financial assistance.

The program is open to all, but we ask for optional employment and income information to compile general data on our customers. Once enrolled in the program, your time is valued at $14 per hour.

Work tasks range from sweeping the shop, sorting parts, basic bike repairs (depending on your skills) or helping around the shop.

We also have a Community Bike Program to help people who need a bike for transportation.

Dark Nights, Bright Lights

It’s illegal to ride a bike at night without a front headlight and rear reflector. We also recommend a red rear light. If you can’t afford your own set of bike lights to keep you safe and legal, you may qualify for a free set of bike lights.