Community Bike Program

smiling community bike program volunteer working in the bicycle shop

Bikes are a great form of transportation that people use to get work, transit, school and services. Keeping people and bikes moving is our mission, and our Community Bike Program helps us do that!

This program is for low income teens and adults who are referred to us by other agencies or by shop staff.

Participants may get a bike voucher from a partner agency, or apply to the program (below) and complete theses steps:

  1. Make a Bike Request: Complete a request form (below) and we’ll contact you to schedule the next steps. 
  2. Attend a Bike Class: Participants attend a short Fix-A-Flat course (offered two times a month on Sundays) in our shop that covers fixing flats and maintaining the chain. 
  3. Volunteer: Participants spend 3 hours volunteering in the shop. Participants can choose from a list of bike/shop-related tasks that best suits their abilities.

Every bike comes with a lock and helmet to keep you and your new bike safe.

Funding for the Community Bike Program is provided by generous people who donate to Sharing Wheels and by supporting organizations.

Community Bike Program Request

Apply to participate in our community bike program for low income adults.

  • Clients must be referred by a partner agency.
  • Contact Information

    Provide at least one way to reach you. We will contact you about the program.
  • Rider Information

    Where and how you plan to ride helps us find the right bike for you.
  • Check all that apply.
  • If you know about what type of bike you would like, let us know.
  • Demographic Information

    Sharing Wheels uses demographic information for grants and program evaluation. Your information will remain anonymous.
  • What is your race / ethnicity?