Bike Garage Sale

We’re having a sale! The final Bike Garage Sale of 2022 is taking place on Saturday, October 29 from 11am-3pm at our shop (2531 Broadway Avenue).
The shop is full of inventory and it needs to go! Discounts of up to 50% off on used bikes and various discounts for parts and accessories!

Bike Garage Sale

Used Bikes & Parts on Sale. Great deals in our parking lot and garage all day long: Refurbished bikes, vintage classics and as-is bikes, tires, clothing & accessories.

All proceeds support the free and low cost programs of Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop.

Shop Small Sale

Save 20% on all bikes and 10% off accessories during our Shop Small Saturday sale on Nov. 27.

Holiday gift ideas: beach cruiser, tagalong bike for parents to tow kids, unicycle, bike lights, bike lock, bike bell, tire patch kit.


Bike selection can’t be beat

Our white winter has meant plenty of quiet time at the shop this winter to prepare bikes for spring. We have lots of bikes – what we need now are customers. So if you or a friend need a bike, come on by.

Unlike retail shops that only carry certain lines of bikes, we have a bit of every brand: Specialized, Bianchi, Trek, Bridgestone, Giant, Softride, Kona, Townie, and much more.

It’s important to find the right bike – one that fits you and the way you plan to ride (fast, in town, on trails, carrying stuff, etc). Our shop staff and volunteers will take the time to find the right bike for you. We’ll encourage you to take a test ride and see how the bike feels, shifts and stops. Then come back and take a different bike out for a ride.

Years ago, I thought I wanted a hybrid city bike. But when I went for a test ride, I found out no, I wanted to go fast. I next tested a road bike Trek built specifically for women. It felt right from the start.

You won’t have a better variety of bikes to compare than at Sharing Wheels. We don’t have the latest models (very often), but the colors, the quality, and the fun-factor can’t be beat.

When you buy a bike from Sharing Wheels, the money pays for the refurbishing we might have put in (such as parts to ensure you’ll have a safe and functioning bike) as well as providing revenue that supports the shop overall.

You’ll get a bike that’s right for you, and we’ll put one more unused bike back into circulation.

  • Kristin Kinnamon, Board President