Used Bikes

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If you are interested in buying a quality used bicycle, the best thing to do is come by our nonprofit bike shop in Everett, WA and take a look. We encourage test rides and we love helping you find the right bike for your needs.

We have a large variety of used bikes for sale in the shop. More are coming all the time.

You may also check out our eBay store.

We don’t have many kids bikes available for sale. Most donated kids bikes are reserved for programs targeting low income families.

New & Used Bike Parts

We sell functional used bike parts such as wheels, cranks, derailleurs, brake parts and bolts galore. We also have accessories such as fenders, bike bags, bike racks, and car racks. 

To help with your bike repairs, we also sell new parts such as cables, bike chains, tubes and brake pads. Parts are priced based on quality and condition. Come look through our bins to find just what you need.

If you can’t afford to pay for parts and labor, volunteer through our Work for Wheels program.

Bike Repairs

We offer tune-ups and bike repair services. If you have a minor issue like a flat tire or worn brake pads, we’ll help you fix that yourself.

Free Do-It-Yourself Help

The tools and bike stand out in our garage are available for anyone to use during regular shop hours – no charge. 

There’s a bike pump, some free used tubes and basic tools always available. If you need some advice on your repair, different tools, or to purchase new or used parts, just ask.

Donations to support this free service are welcome.

All sales support the many free services and programs of Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop.