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Quality Used Bikes, Ready to Ride

Do you want a bike for commuting, mountain biking, triathlon, Seattle To Portland (STP), riding the Centennial Trail with the kids, getting groceries? Whatever your reason to ride, we have a HUGE variety of refurbished used bicycles for sale – most in our shop in Everett, WA, some on our eBay store.

All sales support the many free services and programs of Sharing Wheels. 

The bikes shown below may be sold, but we always have many more great used bikes to offer. Contact the shop if you have questions.

City / Commuter Bicycles

Our most popular bikes are set-up for biking about town – to work, groceries, with the kids. City bikes often have racks for carrying things, fenders for rain, and smooth (but not skinny) tires for pavement.

Styles: Select road, hybrid, and mountain bikes, plus step-through frames (“girls” bikes).

Price Range: $175 to $300 for most models.


Purple Power!! Fun model provides a comfortable ride with 21-speeds.

Size: Med 17″

Style: Discovery

Price: $185


This chrome beauty shines bright! Rack & Fenders make her ready for any PNW commute.

Size: Med/16-17″

Style: Ascent

Price: $300

Road Bikes

Road bikes go further, faster. They generally have skinnier tires, drop-style handlebars and many gears (from 10-speeds to 30 speeds!). Some of our road bikes have racks or fenders, aero bars for speed, or disc brakes.

Styles: Road, triathlon, track, fixed-gear (fixie), gravel, cyclocross.

Price Range: $175 to $600 or more, depending on age and quality.


ZR 9000 with 27 speeds…ready to tackle any hill.

Size: Med 54cm

Style: ZR 9000/Custom Alloy

Price: $400


Specialized Allez road bike
Allez Pro 18-speed – solid ride for the petite peddler. High end Speedplay pedals and Shimano 600 components.

Size: XS 45 cm

Style: Allez

Price: $350

Mountain Bikes

Go ahead, jump off the curb, roll over the rock, take on some mud. Mountain bikes have wider, knobby tires for traction, suspension shocks in the front and rear, and gears for climbing.

Styles: Hard tail or full suspension, disc brakes or rim brakes, downhill or downtown.

Price Range: $100 to $350, or more for top quality


Sleek hardtail with a 3×8 to get up and fly down all our local trails.

Size: Sm/Med

Style: StumpJumper FS

Price: $400


Hardtail, mountain bike great for rugged trails. All serviced and ready to ride!

Size: Large 20″

Style : Amoeba

Price: $250

Specialty Bikes

BMX, folding bikes, gravel bikes, recumbents, tandems, adult trikes, beach cruisers – all sorts of unique, specialty bikes come into Sharing Wheels each year. Stop 

Styles: BMX, triathlon, tandem, track, fixed gear, folding bikes, e-Bikes, recumbents

Single Speed / Fixed Gear

Bike Parts & Accessories

Most of our parts and accessories are donated. Some are used, some brand new or “new old stock.” We also carry essential new parts, such as bike tubes, fenders, and tires.

If you have an older bike that needs a replacement part, or want to save some money on bike accessories come visit the shop.


Recumbent bikes allow you to ride with less strain on your joints.

Size: Fits many

Style: Variety

Price: $750 and up


Vintage Columbia Twosome: $400

Size: mixed

Style: Around town

Price: $400 and up