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Invest in Sharing Wheels

By Kristin Kinnamon, Board President
Sharing Wheels has long struggled to have enough space for our bikes, people and programs. With COVID, that weakness threatens our mission. We’ve had to limit the number of people in the shop to 3. Our space to store and repair bikes is limited. Our convoluted back entrance limits our visibility and accessibility.
We expected 2020 to be a transition year, one where we invested reserves to help our new part-time executive director grow our organization into the future. Instead, reserves have had to replace revenue lost to COVID. We can’t keep doing that in 2021.
You can help. If you believe in bicycles and the people who ride them, consider a year-end donation to Sharing Wheels. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of the year.
Funding will enable Sharing Wheels to have the space and staffing we need to continue offering our essential services.

Giving TwoWheels Day

Sharing Wheels has our own take on Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1). We are asking supporters to “give two wheels” instead. It costs $25 to $75 in new parts and labor to refurbish a donated kid or adult bike. Donate enough to repair one bike, or two, or to fully equip a bike for someone’s daily transportation ($250).
Gifts through Dec. 15 will be doubled thanks to a matching challenge.