Kids Bike Swap, Ready or Not

Work Party Crew
Darren, Tony, Anna and Vince with the bike of some kid’s dreams.

Lots of volunteers in the shop today helping get kids bikes ready for the Kids Bike Swap next Sunday, June 10. Feel free to stop by the shop during open hours this week to get greasy for an hour or two.

Kids bikes can be really easy – or really hard, since manufacturers do not generally build them for the long-term. Either way, getting a bike ready to continue its life with a new kid who wants it is very gratifying.

Gen’s favorite part of the work party was test riding bicycles. But he also learned where to find serial numbers for the bike tags.

You also get to use tools you don’t usually pickup in a bike shop – this Huffy had a hammer taken to the wheel, along with vice grips. And some hairspray for the new grips.

There’s something for all skill levels to do, from pumping tires to adjusting a loose hub. You learn a lot working on kids bikes, including how heavy they are!